September 27, 2021

5 Myths Every PPC Expert Has Come Across

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5 Myths Every PPC Expert Has Come Across

Being a paid marketing expert does come with its perks and challenges. You are often assigned and expected to bring unrealistic results and then there are perks like being able to work remotely from anywhere. You could be on your dream vacations in Hawaii and still spare an hour to run a campaign. That said, a lot of new marketers and PPC experts fall victim to the common misconceptions and ill advices. 

So, whether you are a marketer who is new to the world of paid marketing or a business owner looking to market their own business, here are some top PPC myths and the reality behind them. 

Always take the top spot for optimal results 

Just like any other advertisement, Google charges you for time and space but it’s up to you how and where you position yourself. You cannot simply advertise a product or service on a billboard and expect every onlooker to convert. Similarly, being at the top does not guarantee the best conversion rate. It’s true that you are going to receive more traffic by being at the top but not everyone is going to be ready to convert and in this case each user visiting your website through an ad is going to cost you. Some of them may still be at the research stage but they are still going to cost you.

Instead of paying the top dollar for the best seat in the house, try out different positions to best optimize your cost per click. 

Invest in PPC if you are looking for instant results 

This is a classic case of expectations versus reality. There is no such this as instant results in paid marketing. While you could experience some spike in your traffic after running a campaign but it takes time for a campaign to mature and deliver your required results. This is especially true for an account that’s relatively new. 

Don’t get disappointed if your campaign is not initially performing as per your expectations. A new account or campaign may not have enough data to target the right audience which could also take some time. Your account and campaigns only get better over time so you may want to be consistent with your campaigns instead of getting frustrated and giving up right in the beginning.

You don’t need an agency for your paid campaigns 

Paid marketing is a full time job that requires undivided attention. There is tons of research behind each campaign. Not only does it require someone experienced for execution but it also needs to be closely monitored to make sure you make the most of your budget. 

It’s impractical for one person to oversee the entire process along while also taking care of important company matters. That’s why there are several digital marketing agencies in Dubai that are offering PPC management services at an affordable price. 

Besides, it’s never a good idea to experiment with your marketing as a mistake could have a long-lasting impact on your brand.

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