September 27, 2021

Hand-knotted carpets – Best Deals U Can Grab At Qaleen

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Handmade Carpets: With us at Affordable Prices

In the world of carpets, hand-knotted carpets are considered the most beautiful and high-quality type of carpets. Especially with the hand-crafted beauties, durability and a unique design are the distinguishing features. In addition, no carpet looks the same and hand-knotted carpets give a unique touch to any environment and are real eye-catchers. At Qaleen we offer you, in addition to machine-woven carpets, beautiful hand-knotted carpets. We offer these unique items at affordable prices and in modern designs and colors. You can find these beauties here. We distinguish between two types of knotted carpets in hand-knotted carpets. On the one hand, the market offers classic Oriental carpets and “outdated” vintage carpets. In addition, we offer hand-made carpets in modern colors and from natural fibers such as wool.

Hand-Knotted and Made of Natural Fibers

All our Handmade Rug are hand tufted and provided with a sturdy cotton backing. Pure viscose in high thread density forms the low pile that gives the carpet its soft texture. During a final shaving process, the surface acquires its mottled structure that turns a single-colored design into an eye-catcher. All our carpets are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and are therefore free of harmful substances. The natural fibers we use are spun by hand in a first step and processed in a second step with a very high thread density to create cozy one-offs. The low pile that results from this is maintenance-friendly and robust. A carpet can be called hand-knotted if the pile yarn has been knotted into the base fabric. The ground fabric, or warp and weft, usually consists of wool, cotton or viscose, the pile usually of wool. The special thing about the carpets produced with great effort is that protruding pile threads that emerge when the carpet is moved and walked over them can easily be shortened with scissors. These threads are not a production defect but a characteristic feature of handicraft. The classic hand-knotted carpets mainly come from Eastern countries of origin. To this, we count the countries from Turkey to China. Furthermore, the Maghreb states of North Africa such as Morocco or Egypt, which were long under the political and cultural influence of the East.

Good Advice on Handcrafted Carpets

With original Oriental carpets measuring two by three meters, a copy costs on average between 5600 and 24,000 euros, the larger the carpet the more expensive it. An amount worth a luxury car can easily be spent for a beautiful one-off. At the textile fair “Heimtextil” we were able to admire carpets that cost around 250,000$ and more. One carpet was even more beautiful than the other. When purchasing an Oriental carpet, a thorough check is essential. You can recognize a lot with very little expertise, especially gross defects.

Check whether there is a real, hand-knotted carpet in front of you with a simple hand movement. To do this, follow a fringe on the back of the carpet with your finger. If it runs through the carpet like a so-called warp thread and forms a fringe again at the other end, you can be quite sure that there is a real carpet in front of you. For machine-produced carpets, the fringe edge is only applied afterward.

Lift the carpet and look at the structure. If you observe knots in irregular rows, it is certainly a hand-knotted carpet: machines cannot make knots, they can only braid. In addition, machine-made carpets are rigid and cannot be folded.

Hand-Knotted Carpets in Different Styles

In our extensive range you will find hand-knotted carpets in different styles. A very trendy style is the traditional ethno pattern. This gives you new inspiration for the design of your living space. The stylish floor covering is usually made of hand-spun wool or viscose and impresses with a flat pile height of 7 millimeters and an average weight of 3800 grams per square meter. These comfortable carpets made of soft fabrics are as easy-care as they are robust and suitable for the entire home. As a handcrafted floor covering in nomad design, the carpet has a high thread density and convinces with its quality. Thanks to the patterned surface in a folkloric ethnic design, it can be harmoniously integrated into your interior style, especially Ziegler rugs

Regardless of whether the weather is nice or wet and gray: a design carpet in a vintage look gives your living environment a cheerful, Mediterranean flair depending on the pattern. Due to the tasteful used look where the ornaments seem to fade, low-pile carpets in vintage style add refined accents in a modern environment. A harmonious play of colors underlines the outstanding combination of the eye-catcher with light and dark furniture. Thanks to its distinctive silk look, the vintage carpet, made in professional handcraft, brightens up any room and ensures pleasant walking comfort with its high thread density. Excellent workmanship and natural fibers certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are further equipment features that speak in favor of our high-quality products.

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